Sistem Intelijen Bisnis Pada Jasa Ojek Online


  • Achmad Fauzi Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta
  • Fadhli Nursal Universitas Bhayangkara
  • Agung Setiawan Universitas Bhayangkara
  • Ayu Diah Puspita Universitas Bhayangkara
  • Fany Lathifatul S Universitas Bhayangkara
  • Sahira Salfaniz Universitas Bhayangkara
  • Willy Jovadi Wijaya Universitas Bhayangkara
  • Adam Surachman Universitas Bhayangkara


Intelligence Business, Online Taxi System, Transportation Services, Decision Making


The most common type of ordinary transportation is ojek, which is a motor vehicle available for use by ordinary people with a certain amount of money paid as a deposit against the services provided. The steps taken in this study are the collection of information or theories collected from the literature in the Google Scholar online journal articles related to this article. The results of this study will be a source for distributing problems that often cause conflicts that compare the old transportation provision model and the new model (technology-based). From the results above, it can be seen that changes in business information affect the growth of customer satisfaction. This is reflected in the meaning of business intelligence which is greater than the level of meaning used. And because this is also reflected in the coefficient of business determination